The Welltwigs Way

A simple, easy and comprehensive solution for taking control of your pathway to pregnancy.

Hormone levels

Measures the levels of Luteinizing hormone (LH), the key indicator of impending ovulation


OPK test reminders to help you identify the peak fertile day of your cycle

Automatic Data Entry

Your test results automatically transferred to your fertility app via Bluetooth

Conception Consultants

Dedicated medical technologists and conception experts available to assist you in your fertility journey

Shown to be as accurate as the gold standard ultrasound in detecting fertile days in clinical studies.

Labtwig Predicts Peak Fertility

Ovulation can occur at varying times during a cycle, on a different day each month, or may even skip cycles. Tracking ovulation can help a woman get a better idea of when pregnancy is possible.

Welltwigs helps you track your ovulation by detecting the LH surge just before ovulation occurs, indicating the time of peak fertility.

The Welltwigs app is by far the sleekest and easiest to use fertility app I've found in my fertility journey. Just one month after using the Kit I got my positive pregnancy test! Couldn't be more pleased!


Welltwigs ability to track BBT and ovulation was instrumental in pinpointing the right time to conceive. I credit this solution with helping me get a positive pregnancy test after 3 months of using it.


The Welltwigs Fertility Tracking Kit and App simplified how I track my body and it helped me discover when I was ovulating to optimize my opportunity to conceive. I love the simplicity and convenience it provides.


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About us

A team dedicated to better women's health
Welltwigs is a Minneapolis based women’s health company that is passionate about enabling women to take control of their health.

In 2012, Murtaza’s sister had trouble in trying to conceive a child. This became a difficult moment for their family, thus being a biomedical engineer, he wanted to figure out a way to help her. After undergoing extensive research and understanding towards the situation at-hand, Murtaza soon discovered that there were millions of women who struggled with fertility each year. Due to this prevalent issue, Welltwigs was born by men who have a connection to women’s health and deeply care for the women in their lives.

Murtaza Lakdawala

Murtaza Lakdawala is a father of 2 girls - one being 3 years old, while the other a few months of age. In trying to conceive their first child, he experienced less difficulty but had a fair share of frustrations when it came to his second daughter.

He is biomedical engineer with 8 years of experience in developing medical devices for various diseases; and also an expert in FDA compliance and vendor management for product development. As a recipient for One of 5 Global Innovation Fellows, he was selected to address healthcare needs of women and children in Vietnam, out of a total of 49,000 employees at Medtronic.


Shabbir Bharmal

Shabbir Bharmal ensures that the algorithms for Welltwigs help women track their menstrual cycles, both efficiently and effectively.

Shabbir puts over eight years of software engineering experience to work. He has experience scaling cloud based applications and handling heavy traffic consisting of over a million users. Shabbir also worked as an iOS developer on MapQuest for AOL, one of the first navigation apps in the App Store.


Mehul Dobariya

Mehul Dobariya was initially unaware of the struggles women had with fertility, until he spoke to his friends and family. His role for the app focuses on assisting women conceive through innovative design, demonstrated on a simple interface.

Mehul has played a pivotal role in building a business from the ground-up, by automating manual processes and enabling growth from a company of 25 to over 200 people. His strengths also include information architecture, wireframing, user-testing, user-interface evaluation and the creation of a design, style and development guide for use within an agile work environment.

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